Cause: Too much Star Trek as a kid

I don’t remember the exact particulars of my dream from last night, but I did find myself seriously trying to remember whether or not humans were able to time travel as I woke up this morning.

As silly as it sounds now that I have fully woken up, sometimes our technical advances do sound pretty science fiction. I typically deal with nuclear material policy, but I am also quite fond of staying up to date on the recent advances in nuclear reactor- and nonpro-related technology. And let me tell you, we can do some pretty amazing things.

Molten salt cooled reactors just sound cool from the name. But thinking about how we can moderate the temperatures with molten salt in a reactor core which contains the explosive power of fission just confirms its cool status (and if it doesn’t for you… you probably have normal interests and thus we most likely have very little in common).

We can geolocate most any picture that North Korea puts out (and by we I mean Dave Schmerler). There are computer programs that can analyze a picture and prove with fairly high likelihood that Kim Jun Un has his ears photoshopped in every picture. And we can image the entire planet from space almost every day.

So really, is time travel that out there in the realm of seemingly feasible? Ok maybe its still kinda out there. But keeping up-to-date on the technological advances in this field never ceases to amaze me.

My choice to go to graduate school paid off yesterday…. I was asked to play a nuclear reactor computer game by my supervisor and report back. If you are assuming that I giggled like a little girl in my head when I read that email, then you are right. You can find this game in the nonpro student resource page.

So I am not sure why, but I ALWAYS ding at the metal detector when going through security in the morning. I have double and triple checked, I don’t have coins in any pockets and it’s not my glasses. But the end result is that I get to show the security guards my novelty socks every morning when they have to ask me to lift up my pantsuit pant legs and show my ankles. For example, here is today’s sock choice:



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