Ok, Maybe Not Everyone Makes Reactor Jokes

I am not sure if I was just spoiled at MIIS, but I had the impression that coming to the Agency would put me in the midst of a relative safe-haven of nuclear nerds. Little did I know, I was going to quickly identify myself as the nuclear nerd within my first week in the office. I guess the grouping of people who find Non-Proliferation Treaty related humor is pretty small.

For example, one of my duties is to take meeting minutes every week, and this week I amused myself by adding in the abbreviation for a recently achieved fruit fly free zone as (FFFZ) on the minutes. This is a small joke towards nuclear weapons free zones, which are abbreviated to NWFZ. I found it hilarious. When I tried to explain my joke to a friend I have a feeling that her laughter was mostly directed at me as opposed to my joke. (this one I will accept as particularly nerdy)
Thank goodness for MIIS. The wonderful Californian graduate school in which a critical mass of nerds is always willing to gossip about the security council and new reactor designs over beers.


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