It’s All About Where You Stand

Through extensive national and international research, I can conclude with near certainty that the phenomenon of being awkward in the elevator is not only a US trait but an internationally shared custom. Tight spaces and close quarters is not something that is an isolated social situation for most, it is relatively common in communities nowadays. … Continue reading It’s All About Where You Stand


Finally made it to the NPT PrepCom

It is a weird feeling to complete something that you had looked to with such anticipation for so long. I have worked to make sure I could attend the NPT PrepCom since my first semester of graduate school (yes I know, it really hasn't been that long since I started MIIS, but honestly a lot … Continue reading Finally made it to the NPT PrepCom

If Fezes Grew on Trees

Every once and awhile you need to embrace full "tourist mode", I did that in Turkey a few weekends ago. I got excited about every fez and made it my mission to eat Turkish delight. Istanbul is beautiful. I love seeing new places. And being in Austria right now has made last minute adventures all … Continue reading If Fezes Grew on Trees