North Korea….. What is going on with that?

While I am certainly not a North Korean expert and have not even graduated from my master’s program yet, I am the only nuclear policy person that many of my friends and family know so, understandably, I will typically get questions like this: “Ok, so I just saw the news about that last North Korean … Continue reading North Korea….. What is going on with that?


My Zombie Memo

  Why Bioterrorism Could Start the Zombie Apocalypse Bioterrorism has been relatively minor in relation to CBRN terrorism throughout history, this could all change with the creation of a zombie virus. Appropriately suited for groups seeking to instigate the apocalypse, the zombie virus would be the ideal weapon to cause mass casualties… meaning everyone.   … Continue reading My Zombie Memo

Finally, Reality Matches the NIE

Hello! Reporting back in now that the Fall semester is underway. I am taking a class this semester titled "The Evolution of Chinese Nuclear Policy," in which we have been looking at the path China took to develop nuclear weapons (and delivery systems). Typically we will start with a US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) and … Continue reading Finally, Reality Matches the NIE

The NPT’s Broken Record

Recently I was able to attend a panel discussion at the VCDNP on the prospects of this year’s Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Commission meeting that will begin in May here in Vienna. One of my professors was actually moderating the panel and opened the discussions with some interesting albeit sobering questions. In many cases, he highlighted … Continue reading The NPT’s Broken Record