Nonpro Student Resources

Helpful Nonproliferation Studies Resources

Before I started the NPTS program at MIIS, I didn’t even know what Nonproliferation meant. So I hope that this page will become an ever-evolving resource vault of the useful databases and reference guides that I have found to help me understand this niche field.



Resource Links:

Nuclear News Sites

World Nuclear News



General Nuclear Know-how 

Nuclear Weapons Frequently Asked Questions

The Acronym Institute – Important definitions and acronym glossary

Congressional Research Service Reports



IAEA database of Nuclear Power Reactors

IAEA database of Research Reactors

IAEA database of Advanced Reactor Types

Bulletin Nuclear Power Database – Good Visuals

Interactive PHWR safeguards game – you will need to register and download it (~400MB) It has a good walkthrough of the flow of nuclear material in a reactor (about page)



NTI Interactive NPT Timeline

Reaching Critical Will NPT page (aka all the NPT documents you could want)

Recordings of the 2015 Review Conference – UN TV

Statements from the 2015 Review Conference

NTI NPT Tutorials



IAEA Safeguards types

Basics Idea of Safeguards in 2015 Video (4 minutes) IAEA

Evolution of IAEA Safeguard System Video (50 minutes) ORNL

IAEA Safeguards and Verification page

State-Level Concept

IAEA fact sheet on CSA and AP


Chemical Weapons


ACA Chemical Weapons Convention at a Glance

UNODA Chemical Weapons page

US CWC Declarations


Biological Weapons

UNODA Biological Weapons page

Biological Weapons Convention Treaty Text

US page on BWC


NonPro History

The National Security Archive


Conference on Disarmament (CD)

CD documents related to fissile material


Missiles and Rockets

Space Launch Vehicle Database

NTI 3D Missile Model Collection


Open Source Tools

Twitter scooping pre-programed page

Google My Maps

EOS Satellite Viewer – The viewer has the ability to switch between the different bands and includes an explanation of their utility

NASA page on satellites

Photo Metadata Extractor

Fotoforensics – program used to analyze photo pixels to detect editing

Visone – network mapping tool



CTBT Treaty Text


Nuclear Physics

Interactive Nuclide Chart

Decay Chains