Back to Monterey

First, I would like to acknowledge that I have been wildly negligent in updating this blog for the past couple months. I would love to say that I was just so busy with very mentally taxing and academically advantageous work…. But yeeeah maybe we will just leave it there. I have returned to the outrageously … Continue reading Back to Monterey


It’s All About Where You Stand

Through extensive national and international research, I can conclude with near certainty that the phenomenon of being awkward in the elevator is not only a US trait but an internationally shared custom. Tight spaces and close quarters is not something that is an isolated social situation for most, it is relatively common in communities nowadays. … Continue reading It’s All About Where You Stand

Vienna: The City of knock-off Razor Scooters

They are everywhere. I didn’t notice it at first, but after a particularly memorable scooter themed dream I couldn’t stop seeing them everywhere I went. Now I haven’t used a scooter for transportation since middle school (it fit perfectly in my locker when folded), but it seems that Austrians have carried on the trend. Now … Continue reading Vienna: The City of knock-off Razor Scooters

The NPT’s Broken Record

Recently I was able to attend a panel discussion at the VCDNP on the prospects of this year’s Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Commission meeting that will begin in May here in Vienna. One of my professors was actually moderating the panel and opened the discussions with some interesting albeit sobering questions. In many cases, he highlighted … Continue reading The NPT’s Broken Record